photo: Steezy

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of Erik Brunetti’s FUCT brand. He’s been putting out limited runs of some of the most notorious street culture pieces of the last two decades (has it been that long? damn…) and some of the latest FUCT line is some of our favorite.

Socks? Sure, why not? We’re big fans of a good sock. The kind of sock that makes a statement. And we’re not talking about those goofy pattern deals that wick away moisture and are made of free-range Lycra and recycled milk jugs from Patagonia. None of that tree-hugger shit for us. No, we’re talking about the Death Bunny Sock from the Brunetti studio. Available in white on black or the exact opposite, it’s the kind of thing that should be worn strategically to subtly explain exactly who people are dealing with when your pant leg rides up and exposes the art on the shaft. That’s right. Art on the shaft. Deal with it.

Find more right (here) and let us know if you find a pair still in stock.

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