We dig old Ford flatheads –– certainly not for their mph capability, but because they just look cool. And besides an early centrifugal blower topping one off, it’s hard to beat a set of braided cloth wires coming out of one of those ‘crab’ dizzy caps. Just sets off the motor, especially if it’s running a set of rare, polished aluminum heads. Neat stuff.

So, you’ll know where we’re coming from when we first laid eyes on the Apple charger cords designed by Eastern Collective. It ain’t like we’re claiming they’re patterned off a set of early cloth wires –– we doubt anyone at Eastern Collective even knows what a flathead is –– but, we dig that they made these replacement cords to remind us of them, nonetheless. Noting that these folks are based in Vermont, we’d venture a guess that these bitchin’ power cords are prolly made more in the likeness of mountain climbing ropes or camping tie-downs or aging naked Burning Man hippy restraints or some other crunchy nonsense. And they not only look kewl, but they’re made to resist the twisties that every one of our dang Apple cords succumb to after about a year and then tear their casings right where the cord enters the plastic male ends.

Get yours right (here) in a few different patterns and make your life just that much easier. But we still say they remind us of flathead wires and we dig that, so whatever.

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