Spent the afternoon yesterday at the secret Fatlace shop yesterday in an undisclosed location in the greater San Francisco Bay Area, working on a project for Chrysler. NEAT place and while we were chatting with Felix, surrounded by ’70s-era laid-frame Datsuns and Toyotas, the conversation came around to the premonition of Japanese customs. “It’s coming,” Felix explained, “because of the smog laws –– these things are gonna be pre-smog now and you watch…there’s gonna be a run on all these old Seventies imports.”

And fuck it, we’ll say it: we DIG this stuff. Not so sure about the aesthetic of the enormous fender flares and the camber/caster fight of fat little 13″ Enkeis jammed under them, but hey, that’s just what the kids are doing these days, so what the hell do we know? What we do love, on the other hand, is what Tyler of TP Customs has done with his shop truck: gold 100-spokes and skinny whites under a lowered Datsun pickup with a full-on paneled and striped flaked lace paint job. If we could find a pic of it, we’d show it to you. More on that when we nail that Bigfoot-in-the-woods shot.

On top of that, the history around these cars coming stateside from Japan is neat. Matter of fact, the fabled Skyline “Kenmeri” ad campaign by Nissan in the early Seventies, featuring an American girl named Diane Krey, has resurfaced as a cult classic hit and a surprised Diane was discovered here in Nor-Cal, teaching high school and living the suburbo-life. Now, she’ll be making an appearance at the Japanese Classic Car Show in Long Beach. Go figure.

More as this great stuff emerges and we feel a lowered Datsun wagon in our future. There’s one quietly rusting away out by the beach as we speak…


  1. Mark says:

    First generation (early 70′s), look like little miniature muscle cars. With the right parts on them they can make sweet little hot rods (I don’t believe I said that out loud, but I really do like them, though not as much as the 71 Mach 1 I just picked up ;) )

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