One of the neighbors texted us, saying that we had to go see an “old car…got rekd” near the shop. Hey, we dropped everything and went looking for it – wouldn’t you?

Welp, this is what we found near a new skatepark here in Sucker Free. DAMN. ’64 Country Squire that got t-boned HARD. We pulled over, got out and just stood there in the street, slack-jawed. Flat right rear, driver’s side just caved in…but no glass on the street or anything that led us to believe the thing wasn’t driven to its current spot in this condition.

So, we called up he-who-shall-remain-nameless at the city level, who ran some numbers and did a little digging. Turns out, this woody has been seen all over town, under its own power in this condition! Kid who drives it probably has to get in and out through the passenger side, but maybe the frame was missed in the impact. Either that, or it dog-legs down the street like a Meatball leaving Karma at 2:15 am on the Jersey Shore.

Thought you’d appreciate this, kids…

6 Responses to “A LOWDOWN DIRTY SHAME”

  1. Brett says:

    Where’s this new skatepark at?

  2. STONER says:

    Corner of Ocean Ave. and San Jose Ave. – just look for the rekd woody!

  3. that shit’ll buff out! A little bondo….

  4. Watson says:

    Spicoli’s Dad has a few tools

  5. jose says:

    Not there anymore.
    Saw Dude fire it up and hop on to 280

  6. STONER says:

    That’s crazy, Jose — I went by yesterday and the car was gone. He musta put some air in that right rear (it was sitting on its rim) and took off before street cleaning yesterday morning. Headlight glass is punched out, too. Hard to believe he’s driving that thing. I want it.

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