photo: Karen Kuehn

Yeah, so we’ve been posting up some of our favorite car-n-girl pinup photos and we thought it was time…

…time for the AUTOCULT 2013 limited-edition calendar! Now, if you dig on pinups like the one we shot with Karen Kuehn and Erykah and Dave Tanimura’s Chili Dog Poncho straight-axle, brother, do we have a calendar for you.

We’re just warming up the most-epic-calendar-of-2013 machine, so as we get started on this project in time to get these to you for the holidays, know this: we’ll also be making the December 2013 shot the Wild Card. Send us a pic of your favorite car with your favorite girl and if we pick it, your shot will be December. And who doesn’t want to be December? Best month of the year.

So, send us a hi-res snap (at least 10″x10″ and 300dpi) of your girl and your car (or at least make sure that you have the right to send us the pic you’re going to send us) and email it to:

If we pick yours, we’ll contact you no later than 10/31/12 with the good news. But shhhhh…don’t tell anyone. We want it to be a surprise, right?

We’ll be selling the calendar right here in our store, so keep your eyes peeled –– we’ll be posting updates and let you in on a few extra goodies that we’ll be adding to the mix. In the meantime, warm up that iPhone and send us your pics! No limit to the entries per person, so the more the better. And keep checking back for more updates!

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