As we’re working on wrapping up the next issue of AUTOCULT, we’re trying to nail down some details of one of our features – that we just know you’re gonna fully dig – and we’re turning to you to see if you can shed some much needed light.

We won’t spoil it yet, but take a look at these screen grabs from a film we’re trying to identify some cars from. Now, the film, itself, is old and rare – 16mm film stock shot in the mid-Sixties – and on top of that, there’s never a full shot of the car we’re trying to identify, much less the guy in it…


What we can see of this hot rod tells us it’s a black ’26 or ’27 Model T coupe and it looks like it’s running some sort of small rear fenders, but are they stock? For some reason, they don’t look it. And does anyone recognize the CA KBL 852 plate?


Another interesting note about the car is that the interior has some Munsters Koach-style dark curtains hanging at the rear quarter windows and the custom seat backs look like red velvet-covered ovals with slits in the middle. Really unique, mid-Sixties show car-style interior that we just don’t see in other eras.


And who is this blonde guy with the flat-top-n-fenders? Anyone recognize him? We have no idea who he is or if the T is his. The only lead we’ve got is that this little film was shot in 1964 or ’65 in the San Fernando Valley – and that’s not much to go on. But if you have even an inkling about the identity of the car or the guy, drop us a note, wouldja? Really looking for some guidance here and we know this much: somebody out there must know something!


  1. Matt says:

    You could include the link to that film on here for the others to see. I thought I had that bookmarked but can’t find it on my YouTube account..

  2. Tom Gaffney says:

    Here is the wiki entry for the film.

  3. Is this flick about the car being in love with its owner OR the owner in love with the car…

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  5. Adamo says:

    Actor was Sandy Trent

    “Originally planned as part of a longer project, Kustom Kar Kommandos features Sandy Trent loving tending to his “Dream Buggy” with a giant powder puff before driving away in it. This fragment plays like a particularly camp out-take from Scorpio Rising, with its pink backdrop and fetishistic tone, accompanied by “Dream Lover” by the Paris Sisters. Sadly, due to lack of funding and the death of Trent in a car accident, this is all that was filmed. As with Scorpio Rising, this was a real person who probably took Anger’s request to film him at face value: it’s Anger’s camera eye which makes it “queer”.”

  6. Adamo says:

    Kustom Kar Kommandos (1965 – 3 minutes – filmed in San Bernardino, California — this dream-like ode to a young man and his car, “The All-Chrome Ruby Plush Dream Buggy,” is the only filmed segment of a larger work that Anger abandoned because the main actor died in a drag race and funding dried up. The accompanying book includes Anger’s detailed synopsis of Kustom; this fragment would have formed the nucleus of the sixth of its eight parts.)


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