Sculptor, historian, collector, Sinner and raconteur, Jeff Decker, has just put up an exhibit of his outlaw M.C. cut collection titled, “Hell’s Union: Motorcycle Club Cuts As American Folk Art.” On display at University of California/Riverside’s California Museum of Photography through December 8th, this is a show you just have to see to be a complete and functioning human being.

Very few collections, if any, exist like the one Decker has amassed over the years and we’re just in awe. See that Sons Of Hawaii cut above? That’s real gorilla fur stitched to that jacket, hoss. Think about that for a minute. GORILLA FUR. That’s what’s up.

If you have anything more than a stone for a soul, you’ll go see this show before it’s gone.

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  1. I’ve dreamed about owning a color copy of his book. Wish I could make the trip.

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