In the second of twelve installments on our new pinup calendar project, we bring you the behind-the-scenes story of our shoot in the Marin Headlands with Trish and photographer, Jay Watson.

For this shoot, we told Jay that we wanted something…a little more country and a little more rock-n-roll. Not necessarily a hot rod and a rockabilly chick, but an image that was more…oh…accessible is probably the right word. A pinup that, if you were lucky enough, you might actually stumble upon if you happened to be out on a back road in the country somewhere.

Now, we knew we wanted to work with Trish – she’s the consummate professional and had been involved with the WWII reenactment scene on the West Coast for years and the whole vintage/lounge/retro/revival hot rod pinup thing. So, she not only knew what we were after when we described the retro-late Seventies vibe, but she could get into character, so to speak, too.

The great thing about the San Francisco Bay Area is that there are so many diverse locations to choose from and you can get pretty remote, pretty effing quick. In just a few miles, we were north of the city and into the wilds of what’s called the Marin Headlands: OK, maybe not “wilds,” since you can stand in a beautiful, open field, but can’t swing a dead cat without hitting some aging hippy with a walk-about stick or a totally uninspired tech-illionaire on a $12,000 bespoke mountain bike with a blue-tooth in his ear.

But, we scared those dill-holes off with the old REX Rods ’73 F250 (nicknamed “Uncle Jesse”), a pair of loud era-correct Hooker headers, a Mason jar of real homemade damsonberry moonshine straight from Southern Virginia and Steve-O’s ’64 Falcon (with a fresh smallblock in it and a set of duals). Ah, the power of horsepower…

Anyway, we couldn’t have lucked out with better weather that day: when the Marin Headlands are epic, the tight cloud formations act as a natural light filter for the sun and creates a sort of mottling effect with really bitchin’ dramatic skies as a backdrop. Which is exactly what we got that afternoon. But it also got chilly FAST. And things go downhill quickly when the models start shivering. We’ve asked MUCH of our models over the years and clacking teeth and blue lips just can’t be retouched as easily as you might think.

Remember we mentioned that jar of fruit liquor? Well, that was supposed to be just a prop, since real Appalachian moonshine is a rare commodity here on the West Coast. But, what to do when the models are starting to get stove up? Feed ‘em the one thing that’ll warm ‘em back up faster than just about anything else on earth. Right. That jar of 195-proof fruit liquor.

In the end, it all worked perfectly. And culminated in the month of February for our 2013 calendar. And an empty Mason jar, dangit.

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