For the month of March in our new calendar, we collided a few worlds…

There are some real shining lights in car culture. And when we say “shining light,” we’re talking about people who love this shit as much as we do, but bring something extra to it: they’re artists, writers, raconteurs, bon vivants, musicians…and they bring all that talent to car culture and amazing things come out of it.

Cherry Martini is a shining light of car culture. Gearhead, writer, artist in her own right and on top of that, she’s beautiful. And you know how beautiful people are – they just kinda move through the world a little better than the rest of us, right? So, when we saw that the Italian edition of Vogue magazine picked up on a photoshoot that Cherry helped her friend and photographer, Tatiana Gerusova, with, we knew something amazeballs had just happened. And we wanted a piece of it: Tatiana’s image of Cherry and her Karmann Ghia in the Agoura Hills of southern California just about knocked us over.

So, we got Cherry on the horn and said, “Saw what you did with Tatiana. LOVED that shit…can you do it again?” To which she responded, “When?”

The next calls were to Keith Weesner about getting his sano shoebox custom lined up for the project, Tatiana about some ideas for the shoot (including some pictures of Debbie Harry circa 1982, Olivia Wilde and Cherie Currie for reference) and Bebe Gene for the right hair and makeup treatment.

What we ended up with was a perfect mash-up of custom car culture, haute couture, New Wave and modern-day photography sensibilities. Couldn’t have been more stoked to see the final images this amazing group of artists produced for us. Damn.

We’ve said it here before, but when we see this amazing, albeit small, niche of car culture influence the greater world around it, ah, well…that’s what makes it all worth it.


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