As we get through the Spring of ’13 with the AUTOCULT calendar, we’re up to the month of April and we take you to the East Coast. Look, it’s the undisputed truth that car culture first really became a force on the West Coast – but the lowrider thing really took on a unique spin in Crooklyn. As the birthplace of Hip Hop and the street culture that grew around it, lowriding was just a natural occurrence in New York’s boroughs.

But East Coast lowriding didn’t see nearly as much Mexican cultural influence in New York as it did in L.A. and The Bay – Mexicans didn’t migrate up the Eastern seaboard forty years ago when lowriders really started to become an important thread in the fabric of American car culture. But the Black commmunity that was spearheading Hip Hop was attracted to the ways lowriders naturally fit into it: nothing like a Six-Four on Daytons to translate directly into the overly-conspicuous street style of New York City.

So, when we hit up photographer Drew Wiedemann and the boys of Drastic Auto Club in Brooklyn, we knew we were gonna L.O.V.E. their cars and their own personal style. Not only that, but it’s soooo much easier to shoot on location in New York. There’s a refreshing absence of jack-bags from the Film Commission in girls’ helmets on mountain bikes with clipboards asking for shoot permits. And when the cops and firemen and paramedics see a half dozen lowriders, camera equipment, a hot boricua and a massive, slobbery dog out in front of a bodega, they stop to hang out and watch for a few minutes instead of calling for backup. Like we said: refreshing.

We put Christine Juarbe in a little set of striped, terrycloth Garanimals-for-hot-ass-chicks and it was as if it was in her DNA to just naturally pose with Drastic’s righteous ’77 Lincoln. Like we said: refreshing.

Only in two city blocks of New York would one stumble across Hasidic Jews in traditional garb, hipsters in oddly-matching beards, Russian gangsters in mid-Nineties murdered-out S500s and a lowrider club with a leggy Puerto Rican chick leaning on the fender with an Afri-Cola. We heart New York…


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