For the September spread of our 2013 hot rod pinup calendar, we went traditional hot rod. No, scratch that – we hereby and officially bury the word “traditional” when it comes to hot rods. We’ve said it a million times: there’s nothing traditional about the hot rods kids built back in the post-WWII American streets. Those kids weren’t creating a tradition, they were fucking with tradition as best they knew how. So forget the phrase, “traditional hot rods.” Instead, we call them “revival hot rods.” Sounds better, no? REVIVAL. Say it.

So, there we were in Petaluma, CA with Dave Bautista’s righteous little revival ’30 Model A roadster and the thing is just perfect: 24-stud flathead V8, a set of wires-n-caps and a gennie roadster body on a Deuce frame and tall grille. Dave’s got a great eye for what a real hot rod looks like, smells like, sounds like and tastes like (don’t ask). And dang, does it show.

Speaking of show, we typically see some chick decked out in some cheap, ill-fitting rock-a-silly dress with bad hair and some really shitty neckbomb tattoos up against a car trying to look like Dave’s at a parking lot car show in hot, direct, high-noon, overhead sunlight. We don’t do things that way. As you can see here. Eric Haines did a great job of interpreting the vision and we couldn’t have been more pleased…

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