Not really a coincidence that we actually shot the November pinup for the calendar project last November. The location and background just seemed right for the second-to-last month of the year and Drew Wiedemann just did a kick-ass job of capturing Lily Korin with Drew Peroni’s absolutely stunning ’77 Bronco ambulance.

But, let’s back up a little bit. There’s an amazing story behind the truck we chose for this month’s hot rod pinup: as you’ve no doubt seen us note in the past, a guy named Karl convinced Ford to put some money behind an idea to chase his hot air balloon across the country with a fleet of new Ford trucks, Broncos, vans and a few other assorted vehicles back in the late Seventies (including, at one point, a hovercraft…how utterly Seventies of them!). We’re working on more of that epicness as we speak, but Drew Peroni –– a Bronco nut, himself –– was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time to snap up a few of the original Balloon Chaser crew trucks and one of them was this ambulance.

Now, the fact that this little guy is in such great, original condition was something in and of itself. But that just about every single piece of its original ambulance conversion, including the stretchers and late Seventies-era heart defibrillator and sirens and lights and all the other cool shit that it was equipped with is still not only intact, but mounted onboard is just unbelievable. And to add to all that, Bill Stroppe’s original conversion work can still be seen and it all works. All of it. From the lights to the siren to the…well, we didn’t try to resuscitate anyone with that medieval-looking heart equipment, but give us a couple beers and we’re up for it.

The original plan was for this ambulance conversion to ride along with the chasers and attend to any balloon crashes that might take place in the desert or high mountains or whatever. As far as we know, to date, it never had to be used. Although, Drew did put the little guy back into service to bring his dad home from the hospital after an unexpected stay this Fall. Hell, we’d break an arm just to be picked up at the ER in this thing.

And we tapped Lily Korin (link NSFW, BTW, OMG WTF) –– the perfect model for such an adventure –– to give us that little fantasy slice of a moment that we were looking for. Y’know: as if a smokin’ hot girl was just driving the Balloon Chaser ambulance through the woods on a logging trail and stopped to get out and stretch her unimaginably long legs for a minute and you just happened to be out in the same woods on the same trail and you rounded the bend and were stopped in your tracks and she looks at you and was all, “Hey…you know where there’s a swimmin’ hole ’round here?” And Drew Wiedemann was there to catch it all…

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