LUCKY 2013


It’s New Year’s Eve. Hell, it’s already the new year in Australia and New Zealand, where we know there are more than a few 2013 AUTOCULT calendars already being put to good use.

And while there are also all kinds of resolutions and shit to fall short on by, say, March, we’ll make a few predictions about the coming year.

Yep, you’ve heard us talk about them here, you’ve seen them start to show up at a few important car shows and we’re callin’ it: 2013 is the year of the Hot Boat. Now, some of the tastemakers of underground car culture have been into early Sixties through early Seventies flatbottom boats for a few years now: V-Drives and a few Jets sprinkled in here and there for good heavy ‘flake measure. And we’ve even heard one major shop owner tell us, “Hey, dude, don’t tell anyone, but I’m more into my flatbottom right now than the hot rod…” But you didn’t hear that from us.

With prices ranging from a couple hundred bucks for a hull and hardware to just a few thousand for a complete runner with anything from a Nailhead to a big FE, including trailer, the prices are right, RIGHT NOW. Early Stevens, Hallcrafts, Mandellas, Sangers and others are names to look for and if you play your cards right, you’ll end up with a single or tandem-axle trailer running neat vintage slots or vanes to match the rest of the rig. Think of these things as hot rods on a liquid street and you’ll fit right in. And be prepared for the scene on the water. Four words: dudes with tramp stamps. But don’t let that stop your fun…

Look, with So-Cal clubs like the Vandaleros and the Kidnappers, the retro custom van thing has gone through some fits and starts over the last two or three years, but we could see a bigger, stronger showing in 2013. If the pics of the 30+ custom vans at the Mooneyes party a few weeks ago that Dirty Donny showed us are any indication, some influential car guys are going to be making some inroads on the Seventies-era custom van revival. We’re talking chocolate fountains and diamond bubble windows, not the ultra-bitchin’ “Van Go” treatment that Tim Conder worked up for Coby Gewertz. Just to make the distinction.

You know what sucks? Parking lot car shows. With the long-lamented demise of “Paso,” we’ve seen other parts of the country really step up and develop shows that are so much more in the past few years: the Jalopy Showdown dirt track race-n-show in PA, Eagle Field’s honest vintage drag racing, the Race Of Gentlemen put on by the Oilers CC on the beach in NJ, bike show/campouts like Kutty Noteboom’s Hippy Killer Hoedown and Born Free in So-Cal…the list is growing. We predict that the new year is gonna bring more shows like this that really make a memorable weekend out of your car/bike/boat/project, instead of paying $30 just so you can sweat it out on the blacktop somewhere for nine hours. And speaking of which, we’ve been hearing of some movement on real alternatives to the Santa Maria show on Memorial Day weekend, so we’ll keep you posted on that, too…

That’s where we’re gonna stop with the predictions for now. Let us know what you’re seeing as movements to watch and let us know if you think we’re smokin’ crack or not. We’ve got good research to back our shit up, but hey, we’re up for the conversation!

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  1. Bill Jirschele says:

    You guys would love the Symco Shakedown in Symco,WI! Check out their website. ……BILL

  2. Bill Jirschele says:

    P.S…….I agree on the boat and van resurgence.Especially the Vans. Whats old is new again!………………..BILL

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