So, we got a note from the guys over at Bell Helmets, asking us to give their newest helmet some juice. Now, we all know Bell: they make helmets and safety stuff for all kinds of racing, biking, riding…the list goes on. And if we were in the position where we thought a helmet was a wise decision, that little red and white oval on the back of the lid we decided to strap on would definitely give us the last bit of comfort as we took a deep breath and did what we were about to do.

But here’s the thing: a Bell helmet is all about safety first, style second. And really, that’s the way it should be, right? Not necessarily. There’s nothing worse than looking like the Great Gazoo as you kick your Knuckle for the fortieth time in front of everyone standing outside the bar smoking. That’s why all those “for novelty purposes only” lids and vintage helmets and newer brands like Ruby are all so popular. If you’ve spent all that blood and sweat and tears building the perfect bike, you sure as hell ain’t gonna take out all the good style in the world with your helmet that your bike put into it, right?

Right alongside the rigid retro bobber movement that we dig so much, we’ve been watching the Bagger Nation get bigger over the years and shows like “Sons Of Anarchy” really helped make heroes out of those big ‘ol new Harleys. And along with those bikes, the more nimble FXRs are right there in the mix and those full-face helmets have become part of the style.

But there’s alot of space between the retro style of the rigid bobber guys and the new swing arm Bagger Nation. And that’s where this new Bell “Rogue” helmet seems to live. As soon as Jeff sent us the photo, we thought, “If Max Grundy were to make a new helmet for these guys, this is what it’d look like.” An open-face that has the ability to add more of a full-face deal to it, when you want it. We always think of the bike when we see the helmet, so we could see this thing making an episode of “Sons” worn by some nomad like Ensign Johnson on Star Trek (y’know: the guy who’s only on one episode and is always part of the landing party that never returns to the ship) kickin’ it in a Rogue and snapping on the muzzle before he gets killed in a Mean-Streets-Of-Charming shootout.

The helmet’s still a little big, still pretty clunky – especially in the back, right above the collar – but we know it’s a safety compliance thing. It’s got that Max Grundy neo-Axis Of Evil gas mask charm to it, which we kinda dig, but we feel like we’d need an enormous leather trench coat with those Twenties-era full-forearm leather gloves, leather jodhpurs and jack boots to go with it to complete the look. Maybe even a bagger with the shotgun shell starter feature that Tim Conder has always talked about adapting from an early warbird starter. That would be cool. Kinda.

And that’s really what it all comes down to: in the quest for cool biker world domination, is the new modular Rogue cool? Is it? It’ll be in stores in March, so let us know what you think…



  1. Irish Rich says:

    In a word….no. But, then again, I’m not the target market for this thing. 28-34 year olds will be lining up 5 deep to buy one, and Bell knows this.

  2. STONER says:

    Good call, Rich!

  3. Tman says:

    Looks like a Doozer from Fraggle Rock.

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