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Remember waaaaaay back during the Summer Olympics in London when Australian hurdler, Michelle Janneke, tripped us all up with her starting line dance habits? No? Too far back, huh? Well, here’s a little refresher from an earlier race, set to a Eurotrash club classic (as all Olympic sports should be):

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Well, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue team never forgot. And Michelle ended up in this year’s Swimsuit Issue for it. Now, we can totally dig what SI is up to because we love working with models who aren’t working models and turning them into hot rod pinups: not only are the shoots more fun, but there’s something inherently gearhead about transforming something from the expected to the unexpected. We’ve often talked about people being ‘human hot rods’ and as goofy as that sounds, it really does make sense: a factory-gennie Cadillac built for the express purpose of luxury and comfort turned into a chopped and low and so-cool-it-hurts taildragger makes the same kind of sense to us as transforming a world-class hurdler into a stunning swimsuit model. Cars and girls. Girls and cars. Makes the world go ’round.

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