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Our friends in Germany at Pike Brothers are looking for some parts. Hey, aren’t we all? They’re in search of parts to build a nostalgia Track T that they’ll actually run wide-open on a dirt track somewhere over there in the Mother Land: a Ford flatmotor (21 or 24-stud…they ain’t picky), a Model A frame, y’know, the usual. While we’re helping them source parts, we got to thinking how epic this all is.

First, it’s great to see the Germans really find their footing in revival hotrodding – seems like just yesterday it was Thom Piston and his Smokin’ Shutdown magazine against the world of vintage Seventies air fresheners and weird post-apocolyptic vans that constituted the German custom car world and now…THIS! We love it. The boys tell us that they’re inspired by Barney Navarro’s ’27 T roadster and that they don’t need parts in perfect shape because the car will be “raced on the track” when it’s done and it’ll get beat up, anyway. JUST LIKE THEY WERE BUILT TO DO, originally.

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We never get enough of hotrodding overseas and how it’s interpreted across different cultures. Along with Jazz, hotrodding is one of the few purely American movements that the rest of the world comes to us to help keep the fire lit. And we dig that. Now, we might just have to personally deliver the parts we find for Fabian and the boys…maybe in Oktober…

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