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“I quit. I’m out. I’m moving to England to sweep his floors.”

Those were the words of a good friend of ours, who happens to be a very talented graphic designer, after he posted a video of David Smith plying his handlettering craft. 1) We’ll leg wrestle him for the broom and 2) it got us to thinking more about the craft movement that we’ve been expounding on for a few years now.

David Smith is a fucking haboob of talent when it comes to the near-lost art of handlettering and page illumination. Watch the video below, try to erase John Mayer from your consciousness and focus on the absolutely awe-inspiring process Smith puts himself through for his craft. Just a mindblower…

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Of course we love Smith’s work. And what we love even a little bit more is that there’s a pretty incredible movement he’s a member of, happening just below the surface of paved Wal-Mart parking lot acreage and Starbucks stores inside of Starbucks stores. It’s a place where denim jeans are made pair by pair, hot rods are willed into being, mid-century tiki lamps are recreated by hand, custom motorcycles are built by the year instead of by the hour, paint jobs on customs take a little bit of your soul, photographs are still printed by hand and really really good whiskey is an art. The Craft Movement is alive and well, but you’re gonna have to get away from the strip malls and the Olive Gardens and the casino lobby tattoo shops and the bar at TGI Friday’s to find it.

But trust us: when you find it, you won’t ever walk into a Wal-Mart again. Like, EVER.

3 Responses to “THE CRAFT MOVEMENT”

  1. Ben says:

    But trust us: when you find it, you won’t ever walk into a Wal-Mart again. Like, EVER.

    Yeah, except when I need a pair of Dickies for $16.00 and some Valvoline motor oil.

  2. I like Wal-Mart because their return policy is “painless”!!

    You ever see someone do something creative and think to yourself “yeah…I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to do that”? That’s what I think when I see guys like David Smith, CJWrightxxx & Rodney Mullen or even chicks like Jenny Tanner & Sunny Buick!

  3. Juan says:

    The dude is a monster at what he does. I watched this video and another one and was amazed.

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