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Hard to believe these days, but in the early Seventies, New York City was little less than a war zone. If you didn’t live there, you didn’t go there. Urban blight, racketeering, corruption…the city was in a downward spiral, but it was a great time to make movies and music. And if you don’t believe that, find Curtis Mayfield on your Pandora and The French Connection on your Netflix.

And New York in the Seventies was a great subject for photographers like Danny Lyon. Well known for his The Bikeriders photo essay, most folks don’t know he’s a New Yorker. And New Yorkers love New York unconditionally.

It’s with that love of his hometown that Lyon made a series of photographs of Brooklyn in 1974. Beautiful stuff. Thanks to Nomad (and photographer) Jeremy Harris for the heads-up. We’re gonna shut up and just let you enjoy these on your own…

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3 Responses to “SUMMERTIME 74”

  1. clint bingamon says:

    I like the 64 falcon with the 65 door. it was the right color.

  2. Paolo says:

    I’m an ex-NYer and love Danny Lyon’s work. I had not seen these Brooklyn photos. There is a series he shot in the mid ’60s of lower west side Manhattan

  3. STONER says:

    Yeah, there’s nothing like the light in New York–especially when it’s captured on old Ektachrome or whatever. And we’d love to see those images if you ever come across a collection of them, Paolo!

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