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phone pics: Cisco Lastra

Ever since Nomad Cisco Lastra found this old ’55 Chevy street-n-strip racer in an undisclosed San Francisco garage, he’d been biding his time till the stars lined up, the owner felt like selling and his cell phone battery was fully charged. He finally ended up with the car and we’ve been following the progress of getting it race-ready, some forty years after it last stomped all over the San Francisco Bay Area.

Cisco called the shop the other day with some righteous news: he’d gotten a call from a guy who remembered the car blasting all over Oakland in the early Seventies. And that snickery good name? Well, turns out that the ’55 was built and owned by a well-known pimp who obviously had the cake to get spendy on all the right speed parts. “Guy said that back in The Day, a regular hooker would set you back ten bucks,” Cisco explained, “so the guy tells me that a fifty-dollar trick was the best you could get. Y’know, that was a lot of money in ’71 or ’72…”

Makes total sense. The art of the hustle is owned by two kinds of people: pimps and drag racers. And when one is also doing the other, sometimes the glorious product of that mashup is a bright orange ’55 Chevy with a funny name on the doors, a pastoral wooded lake scene airbrushed into a Chevy bowtie on the decklid and a short, wicked history of owning the street.

While Cisco is getting the Lexan fitted to the window frames and the headers fabbed-up, we’re working on dragging out more characters who knew the car. There’s so much more to this story that we’re digging into as we speak, so stay tuned. Truth is so much stranger – and better – than fiction…

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