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Good friend and artist, Coby Gewertz, is at it again: this time with a bitchin’ way to recycle that new Skynyrd vinyl you got for your birthday: a set of four classic wheels screened onto records – an instant collectible from one of the greats of modern car culture, CHURCH.

The set includes four of the greatest custom wheels to ever be produced, spanning roughly three decades of American custom car culture:

The Chromed Reverse
Form follows function, right? Cutting out the center section of a factory stamped-steel wheel, turning it around so that the wheel’s backspacing would allow for a wider tire, then chroming the hell outta the whole thing before mounting is a practice that goes back to the mid-Fifties, at least. The treatment is still used today, mainly on customs going for that Fifties/early Sixties look and it’s usually seen in 14″ and 15″ wheel sizes. Plus, when those chromed complicated nooks and crannies that the manufacturer never intended anyone to see are polished, the effect is freakin’ dazzling. Set ‘em off with a wide whitewall for that Fifties look and a skinny white for the Sixties and you just can’t go wrong.

The Cragar Star Wire
Star Wires are now used on everything from Sixties customs to Eighties pervertibles (the top doesn’t go down, but the driver does). As a mock-wire wheel, these Cragars were a great alternative to expensive real wire wheels and were available in the common sizes that customs and even some full-fendered street rods of the Seventies used. And don’t forget the lowriders – they were probably the biggest fans of the wheel and you’ll see everything from pimpillacs and lo-los to early-Sixties customs and time-warp street rods running them. Blackwalls to skinny whites and even those spendy Vogues are usually used with ‘em…can’t go wrong with a set of Wires, as long as you follow the unwritten rules.

The Cragar S/S
The great thing about Cragar, as a wheel maker, was that its custom wheels were relatively cheap and available just about everywhere a kid with some extra cake in his pocket and a used 2-door was hanging out. The S/S (or Super Sport) wheel was hittin’ about the same time the Muscle Car era really took off, thus making it the go-to wheel in high school parking lots right through the Eighties. Nowadays, the wheel is popular once again and we can almost smell the weed smoke and hear the empties hit the pavement when we see a set. Hell, you can still find ‘em easily enough online, but do yourself a solid and run down to the Pep Boys and get the full S/S experience when you lay out a wadded-up pile of cash on the counterman and hope he doesn’t notice the rubber that fell out of your pocket. Good times.

The Astro Supreme
Nothing says mid-Sixties low custom like the 5-spoke Supreme, made by Astro. Now, Astro – the company that has come to be known as the first maker to really perfect and market the skinny spoke style – went tits up in the early to mid-Seventies, but several companies have picked up the style and started to reproduce them since the look has become so popular once again. Set up a first-gen Riviera or a Chrysler 300 or a Galaxie or a Bonneville…you get the picture…with a set of these and heat the coil springs to sit that fucker as low as you can without gouging the tires and you’re set, chief. Some folks call these “Astros,” but you can’t go wrong with a set of Supremes.

Coby’s releasing a limited-edition set of 50 of these customized rekkids, so check back on his site often to make sure don’t miss your chance at owning one.

So, starting from the left, can you line up the name with the wheel?


  1. These are awesome but, Starwires are “mock” wire wheels? I think Starwires look better than factory Buick or Caddy wires anyway. Just me. Also please don’t fuck up your Skynyrd vinyl. Use that Herb Albert you bought for the cover.

  2. Galen says:

    Don’t forget the Truespoke (real wires) for all the 60s and 70s gangster rides. All trued-up with gangster whites, brim cocked ace-deuce, leaning so hard you about to bust the armrest.

  3. Anthony says:

    Shit, Astro’s Chrome reverse,wires and Cragars . Love them wires ,check out new Tru-spokes ,my buddy just put a set on a 79 Coupe De Ville. Look great!

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