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One of our favorite Japanese car culture brands, The Local Hero, is releasing its second collection of photography with the coffee table book, “Life Is Real, Special Issue #02.”

Now, we’ve professed our love and dedication to the Japanese here many a bloggity post o’er these last many years and this is just one more reason for it: when they finally go in, they go all in. And the lowrider culture coming out of California – the eastern edge of the Pacific – has been totally recognized, embraced, absorbed, tweaked, broadcast, soaked, repurposed and put forth again for all to love and admire.

Sometimes, when you’re busy blazing new trails and creating really cool shit, you don’t get the benefit of the thousand-foot view of what you’re doing and how you’re impacting the world around you. When the spaceship lands on your farm and your husk gets commandeered for crop circle duty, you’re too busy mowing down patterns in the back forty with your eyes lolling around in your head and you never get to peer down from the mother ship to see the beauty of your work. Welp, that’s sorta like American car culture: most times, we’re too busy making something amazing outta nothing to realize that what we did was really good and we shouldn’t fuck with it.

God bless the Japanese for taking copious notes from the observation deck of the mother ship hovering over California.

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