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photo: DetroitDemiGod

We’ve been hearing these rumblings for months, but our friends over at Hemmings have put it in words that are hard to ignore: without financial support from the public, the Walter P. Chrysler Museum will close.

Few years ago, we were given a private tour of the Chrysler Museum, courtesy of the Pentastar marketing department, while working on some projects with them. And we can tell you that there were no expenses spared when they put this place together: the history of what Chrysler contributed to American car culture is no better represented than what’s within these nondescript brick walls.

Beyond just the amazing collection of rare cars and all the avant-garde things Chrysler did over the years with engine technology, design and marketing, we were absolutely impressed by the docent who guided us through the cavernous building, referring to Walter P. as “Mister Chrysler” as though he was a personal valet to the man who might’ve just passed away mere months ago. That’s the kind of dedication and adulation that’s just not seen anymore. But we’ll tell you this: it made all the difference as we promptly got lost in the museum and we really felt like the people who work at Chrysler know that they’re part of something special.

Chrysler might be the smallest of the Big Three, but the brand has always swerved in some great ways when the rest of Detroit gets lost in sameness. We know it’s impractical to think that gearheaddom will converge on the Chrysler Museum in some mass wave that will keep its doors open past June, but it sure would be nice to imagine. And if you want to know what a section of the centrally-located spiral staircase in its main hall looks like at 6:30am before coffee entered somebody’s system, we got a bit o’ honey right here for you…

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