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So, we’re cleaning out the shop the other day and stumble across an unmarked box. ‘Bout the size of a Taylor Wires box and we were pretty stoked because we knew we bought a new set of 8mm spark plug wires, but damn if we knew where we stashed ‘em. Opened the box and stopped dead in our tracks: 25 fresh copies of the AUTOCULT Premiere Issue!

Couldn’t believe it. But, what to do with ‘em? Keep every copy and encase them forever in individual blocks of ice made of pure spring water fed to the Stoner Creek in Bourbon County, Kentucky? Rip the covers off, paste them to the roof of the shop truck and bury them in clear? Build a shrine to the Tasteful Nude on the lawn of Facebook headquarters in Mountain View and set it on fire (along with the worthless FB stock we bought) in protest to its censorship practices?

No. We’ll make them available to you. Every single copy.

So, check back here at our store: the button is on the right side of this page, up toward the top where the “OPEN” sign is. Tomorrow at 1pm PST, the Limited Edition Part Deux will go live: a copy of the AUTOCULT Premiere issue, our second NOMAD sweatshirt (limited to 25) and an Editor’s Choice tee from the AUTOCULT collection. More details tomorrow, but we thought it wise to give you a heads-up of what’s coming. We need to start looking around to see what else we might find back here…we’ve been looking for a chocolate bunny we lost a few years ago…

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