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To some, money’s the thing. MONEYMONEYMONEY. It rules them and they’ll make a life’s worth of bad decisions in its pursuit and, at the end of their day, still have nothing to show for it. To others, relationships are that thing: making their own lives better and richer for knowing someone special and passing some of that wealth on when the opportunity makes itself known.

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Kent Fuller, for us, is one of those who’s made us richer for knowing him. Now, we’re not fishin’ buddies, but then again, we’re not entirely sure Fuller fishes. But when Vern Tardel introduced us to Fuller years and years ago when his streamliner was coming together in the back shop at the Tardel hot rod ranch in Santa Rosa, CA, we just stood there with those two mighty men in the heat of the day under that tin roof and just…well…got richer.

Fuller is known as one of the fathers of drag racing: his Magicar FED chassis and innovations on The Salt and in hotrodding (Volksrod, anyone?) revolutionized the world of speed in ways that few others could ever claim.

Remember that streamliner we mentioned above? Welp, that thing is just about finished. Ten years ago, we published our own feature on Fuller and we sat with him and the ‘liner as he told us how he was fixin’ to pilot this thing at Bonneville. We’ll claim we got lost in the sheen that handformed aluminum was giving off or maybe we were a taco low in the tank, but we blurted out, “Uh, do you think you’re building your coffin?”


Fuller is famous for not being a man of voluminous oration. And he gave us that well-known stare, followed by an uncomfortable silence, followed by us shuffling our feet, followed by a feeble attempt at changing the subject, followed by Fuller continuing on with his plans. Followed by us still remembering every detail of that silent beat-down that we learned oh-so much from lo these many years later.

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Now, here’s your opportunity to be a part of something special: Fuller, with the help of his family, has taken the last push of his streamliner build to the interwebs – Kickstarter, to be exact. If you’re not familiar with Kickstarter, it’s a crowdfunding platform that allows anyone to contribute to a project to see it through to fruition. In this case, you’ll be helping Fuller finish up the last bits of his flathead-powered, handbuilt race car and get to Speed Week for one last run.

This is your chance to get rich quick: make a contribution to Fuller’s Kickstarter project, help him roll that car out onto the salt of Bonneville for the first time and know that you’ll be a wealthier soul for knowing you were a part of something special.

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