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original photography: Drew Wiedemann

If you’ve been following us on FaceySpacey, you’ll know two things: 1) we keep getting banned for days for posting pics of beautiful women and 2) we just found a little stack of Premiere Issue copies.

And if you know that, you’ll know that we’ve put together a very limited edition package of goods to make those 25 copies of our long-sold out AUTOCULT Premiere Issue just a little more special. But let’s back up a little…

In the Premiere, we featured our story about Les Dunham and his Dunham Coachworks in north Jersey. What’s amazing about Les ain’t just that he’s clear into his Seventies and still working every day, but that he single-handedly created the tao of the pimp car back in the late Sixties and early Seventies. If you read the story, you’ll understand how Les’ custom cars broke the still-heavy color lines and his work ended up in one of the classic films of underground culture, “Super Fly.”

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As a kid in the Fifties, Les was doodling hot rods and customs and custom-painted bikes on just about any flat surface in front of him. And while there are die-hard Dunham Coachwarks fans who know his work, almost nobody had ever seen the collection of sketches Les had squirreled away in a box that he pulled out for us to slobber over when we spent the day with him at his shop. And in that box was a set of old, yellowed and very brittle pencil sketches on cheap newsprint that he preserved from his grade school days. It’s probably no surprise that we zeroed-in on one of those sketches in particular: that of a reclining pinup girl in bikini-n-heels on an era-perfect Harley with an early example of Les Dunham custom paint. BITCHIN. We’re the first to ever publish that sketch…

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Les would go on to take the calculated risk of making his own way in the world and his Dunham Coachworks changed the world in ways that are evident to this very day. If you ever find yourself in Boonton, NJ, stop in to see Les and go grab lunch with the man. It’ll change your life, swearsies. And in celebration of one of our favorite guys on the planet, we’re putting Les’ early pinup sketch on the back of our limited-edtion NOMAD sweatshirt.

If you missed the feature on Les Dunham in the Premiere Issue because it sold out before you could get your hands on one, this is the perfect opportunity – and the very last one to come from right from the publishers – to own an original copy as one piece of the Part Deux package. Not only that, but you’ll be one of 25 people to rock the AUTOCULT NOMAD sweatshirt featuring Les Dunham’s early pinup art. We’ll only make the 25 sweatshirts once the packages are sold so that we get each of your sizes, so it’ll take a little longer to get yours once you place your order. But all good things come to those who can hold on in these days of instant gratification, right?

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If the Premiere Issue and sweatshirt aren’t enough, you’ll also get an AUTOCULT shirt of our choosing – don’t worry, we know you’ll dig it. We’ve got a few of these packages left, so place your order right now and we’ll throw a few extra goodies into your box, too.


  1. Captain Video.... says:

    Keep up the good work….good to see your old sketchs again….i remember the ones of the track veh….

    Thank for comming to the funeral…

    Captain Video

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