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In our massive and ever-growing file cabinet tagged “JUST DON’T MAKE ‘EM LIKE ‘AT NO MORE” in black Sharpie kinda angry-like, is a folder for none other than Elaine Reynolds.

Now, in the late Fifties – the era of the practice of actual ‘airbrushing’ to remove pesky things like moles and hair from photos that made pinup girls look more than a little odd at times – there really was no such thing as breast implants on the national consciousness: as a nudie girl, you either had ‘em or you didn’t. Either way was really OK with the gleaming white-sidewalked repression of the modern suburbs of the day and the Korea vets. And by the time Hef published the October ’59 issue of Playboy, little did he know that his Playmate Of The Month, Elaine Reynolds, would set a record for chest size that remains unbroken more than fifty years later.

Elaine was a 5’8″ twenty year-old when she posed for Playboy and spent a few years as a dancer and model for television commercials of the day, while pulling a few stints as a Bunny in Hef’s wildly successsful Playboy Clubs in Miami and Chicago in the days before the publisher shuttered his clubs in the southern states for their racist policies. While not much is known about it, Elaine also spent some time as a feature in the popular Water Follies during the years following her Playboy debut before really taking a leap…

In the mid-Sixties, she met a Spaniard named Moises Royo – one of a handful of rejoneaudors (a bullfighter on horseback) – while dancing at a New York City-area nightclub called Tito’s. Once she convinced him she was serious as a heart attack about learning the ropes of bullfighting on horseback, Royo reluctantly agreed to start training her and she moved to Spain in 1966 to continue her work. Elaine debuted in Mallorca in the summer of ’67 as one of three female rejoneaudors in the world at the time, pulling in $1,000 per minute in exchange for risking the twins responsible for her stardom in the first place.

At some point in the late Sixties, Elaine decided the smart money was going back to school for a humanities degree and settled down into life back home in the States. From there, she slipped into relative obscurity, but the one story that keeps cropping up is that she’s still with us, working in real estate in Georgia and possibly writing a book on her experiences with two divorces. We can’t confirm any of that, but if we’re lucky enough to find her and take her out for drinks, we’ll let you know what we dig up.

Till then, make sure your NSFW filter is working and enjoy our Elaine gallery…


  1. Peter says:

    Great profile of Elaine Reynolds, and you have presented her best images – but unfortunately the one you chose to headline the piece is not Elaine, but Janey Reynolds. It’s an understandable error that has crept into the biographies of Elaine a number of times. For those wishing to check things out further, there are existing videos of Janey, but none (sadly) of Elaine.

  2. I Sam Bristol says:

    Elaine was an Amazon..Very big tits, a big .behind, big, .beautiful hair, 5′ 8. Lovely . woman, s delight in … .bed, no doubt.

  3. Everett says:

    Brunette beauty Elaine Reynolds is my idea of the ideal woman. A well-endowed figure displaying balanced proportions and symmetry. And her huge breasts rounds out an overall beautiful full-figured woman – the kind of beauty I worship. :-)

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