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As we dig into the new millennium, we’ve noticed that there’s a sort of steampunk-cum-dickensfaire-slash-freerangebackyardchickeneggs-meets-homebrewer sort of DIY movement that’s been totally embraced by the Gen-X (and younger) crowd. “Maker” is what they’ll refer to themselves as and on more than a few occasions, we’ve crossed paths with them and have compared notes: us on our banged-up iPhones, them on their super-stylie “Field Notes” and bespoke-sharpened rare-wood pencils.

They call us “makers” and we call them “artists.” Are we one and the same? Well, the art world is starting to think so. Enter the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and its latest exhibit, “The Making Of…” As part of this Maker exhibit, they tapped good friend and Nomad, Notcho Gonzales to showcase his studio and as part of the deal, invited him to park his ’35 Ford pickup, rockstar-style, right in front of the museum’s main entrance on 3rd street in downtown Sucker-Free. And if you know anything about parking in SF, you’ll know what kind of clout that really pulls.

So, one of the most well-known art museums in the land has recognized one of our best hotrodders as a Maker. Ain’t that just some shit? We guess it was coming: after all, hotrodders are arguably the original “Makers” – breaking down, redesigning and fabricating purpose-built machines to fit a particular aesthetic and lifestyle. Yep, we’re Makers. If that’s what it takes to get these generations into what we do, we’ll fly the flag.

There was a 3 block-long line to see Notch’s work as part of the “The Making Of…” exhibit when it opened this morning and you can see below how he treated the custom coffee-drinking crowd to a little razzamatazz, hotrodder-style. We hear there’s also a PBS broadcast feature in the works, so stay tuned for that, too. In the meantime, enjoy…

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  1. don’t make….modify! There’s an artsy cocksnot tattoo couple that live down the street from me, their latest waste of time is brewing their own beer. They can keep their IPA (EPA? IRS? NWA?) I’ll stick to my 198 proof firewater!

  2. R.Armiger says:

    I blame AMT

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