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Vintage D-fin longboards. Lowriders. Vintage BMX bikes. Skateboards. Cal Bugs. Customs. Hot rods. Music. Choppers. Boat races. Bikini girls. Sounds like the ultimate West Coast car show, no? All the great stuff that came out of California, all wrapped up in one glorious event. If we were to put on a show, this is what it would look like, believe that.

But…the CALFLAVOR show happens in Japan. That’s right, kids: JAPAN. And you know why it’s happening in Japan? Because the Japanese, like many other offshore strains of the car culture we’ve (sometimes unknowingly) exported over the years, look in on what we’ve done and love it so much…obsess over it in so much detail…nerd-out on every little thing we’ve ever done in ways we have a hard time understanding because we’re too busy actually living it…that a show like this makes all the sense in the world.

Of course they’ll put on a show like CALFLAVOR. They don’t hate tuners for their love of muraled-up lowriders and they don’t forsake a vintage Mongoose Motomag for a first-run Duane Peters deck. They don’t scoff at boat races from their Walmart lawn chairs perched beside their bagged shoeboxes (well, let’s be honest: they’ve got too much good taste to be seen with anything procured from a Wallymart). They love it all. Everything we made and invented and grew up with and designed and customized and left outside in the rain for way too long is absolutely cherished like a national treasure by the Japanese. And we fucking DIG THAT about them.

We love that they love it all so much. And what we also love is their wonderful Japanese-English-Japanese translator machine. Peer in and take a look around at the 2013 edition of CALFLAVOR show as the plans reveal themselves. We’re saving up for some Japan Airlines tickets as we speak…


  1. Juan says:

    Last year’s Cal Flavor was really fun. We’re going back this year. Toshi and the Local Hero crew know how to host a show. See you there Stoner?

  2. Stoner says:

    Hey, Juan – think they’ll make room for a half dozen vintage flatbottom v-drives?!?

  3. Juan says:

    Toshi and a few of the Local Hero crew are making it to San Jose fro the Deadend Magazine Cruise Night July 12, 2013. You can ask him personally.

  4. Church says:

    Come hell or high water… I’ll be there too.

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