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video: Kristina Kahm

OK, now humor us for a sec, here: roll your little arrow over this video’s ‘play’ button, close your eyes…and press it. Hear that? Sounds like a day at the drag races, don’t it just? Two uncorked motors, running against each other, in anger, over a quarter-mile? Yeah, we thought so, too. But this was last Saturday in “Quarter Mile Cove” at Lake Camp Far West just outside of Lincoln, CA.

Yeah, it was all boats, all day. But we’ll tell you this: we haven’t seen anything even remotely close to the original spirit of drag racing in the Fifties and Sixties as we saw at the cove. The lake took all-comers…early-’70s flatbottom day cruisers, mid-’60s v-drive flatbottoms, jet boats, blown hydros, pickle-forks, shovel-noses…and even us (those are our flatbottoms bobbing in the foreground). Even a late-’50s Cad-powered, wood flatbottom with magazine coverage history.Two would look at each other, give the “Race?” look, idle down to the far end of the cove, turn, line up and SCOOT. No sponsors (OK, we saw a Summit Racing tent, but we think the dude musta won it in a raffle or some shit), no cops (the county sheriff’s boat just sat and monitored the whole weekend, but never interrupted anything), no rules, no shit.

If you broke your boat, there were plenty of people willing to put their beers down, throw you a rope and tow you back to shore. Lots of beach-racing (no benches), lots of cans of C12, lots of metalflake, lots of polished cast aluminum and chrome, lots of great races, lots of suntan lotion. Hell, there was even an impromptu pinup photoshoot – but instead of girls with shitty tattoos in bad-taste vintage outfits that are easily two sizes too small leaned up against equally aesthetically-displeasing cars, these were topless chicks in epic bikinis and coconut-flavored tanning oil in the water! OK, OK…with equally-shitty tattoos, but they look so much better when they’re framed by tans and itty bikinis.

So, the next time you catch yourself wondering aloud why some of the most important names of our generation of car culture are quietly sneaking off to lakes and rivers on the weekend while you’re at the same EightBallFlamingSkullTatzNTrollz car show, just pull this bloggity post up and play the video again. And we’ll see you on the water…

2 Responses to “QUARTER-MILE COVE”

  1. Sshhh! We gotta keep this boat shit on the down low long enough to score all the hulls/parts as we can!

  2. chris says:

    Damn, dude. I love this blarg. I love me some cars and boats especially the ones you feature… But fuck, man. Can’t you get a proper video camera? Since you value history so deeply consider a mean of properly archiving that which you cover. Only love. No hate.

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