Analogic Thinking In The Age Of The Programmable Hand


There’s a neat interview over on Drift Surfing that translates well into car culture, titled “Analogic Thinking In The Age Of The Programmable Hand.”

It’s a piece on a shaper named Josh Hall and the important thing here is the embrace of a handmade thing by a younger and younger crowd. The fact that young groms are willing to save their cash for a handmade board custom shaped for them kinda gives them a wisdom beyond their years.

And how does that translate into what we do? Easy shmeezy. If we start buying more hand-cast speed parts, small-run stuff from backyard indies and making stuff ourselves, the bigger brands will follow suit and we’ll put some soul back into the culture. Look, there’s nothing wrong with a CNC machine, in and of itself – it’s the soul-less, shitty wheels that are being turned out by the guys using them that makes it the pariah. In contrast, hold a pair of magnesium 12-spokes in your hands and you’ll actually feel what went into them – American Racing was manufacturing those wheels in somewhat of a large scale forty years ago and that’s probably the best example of what we should get back to. It’s a craft first and industry second, kids…

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