It slipped right by without us saying jack about it, so Happy Birthday, San Franciscoooooooo (in our best Ethel Merman impression)! 237 years ago, a shipload of Spaniards hit the Golden Gate and a Franciscan missionary wrote these words down:

“On June 27, the expedition arrived near its destination. The commander, therefore, ordered the camp to be pitched on the bank of a lagoon which Señor Anza had named Nuestra Señora de los Dolores, and which is in sight of the Ensenada de los Llorones, and of the bay or arm of the sea that extends to the southeast. Here all were to await the transport ship to mark out the site on which to locate the fort and presidio while the country was being explored.”

The bank of that lagoon that he mentioned? Yeah, well, it was filled in the late 1800s and is now Lumberjack-Beard-Skinny-Jean Central: The Mission District!

And a mere 60 years or so later, the Swanx Car Club San Francisco chapter was cruising and rollerskating its way across the 49-square miles of the biggest little city on earth. We couldn’t imagine operating from any other place because it’s the perfect convergence of underground car culture, history, art, food, booze, architecture, landscape and style. We didn’t realize we had accidentally built a small still-life in honor of Sucker Free till we looked around the office and snapped this pic today.

Pretty sure somebody, somewhere in town, has lit a joint like a birthday candle in honor of the greatest American city’s 237th…


  1. Robert M. says:

    Happy Birthday S.F.!

    From across the bay.

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