A Harry Westergard roadster up for trade (for a suitcase full of hundies)

Westergard roadster

Some known associates down in Monterey, CA have decided to part with this ’32 Ford roadster and what makes it a unique hot rod is that it was customized by the Father of Customs, Harry Westergard. Harry died too young, but not before slinging lead and making some of the most well-known customs to date. Late Thirties and early Forties full-fendered American coupes with skirts and LaSalle grilles are indicative of the classic “Westergard Style,” but this roadster is one of several that he did, too. Now, we’re taking the guy’s word that this thing is the real deal and it totally looks like a Westergard treatment. The neat thing is that Harry, working out of Sacramento, influenced Sam and George Barris before the brothers moved to L.A. to become the most well-known customizers of all time.

Here are a few more pics to enjoy before you collapse from seeing the current bid that hasn’t reached the reserve price yet:


3 Responses to “A Harry Westergard roadster up for trade (for a suitcase full of hundies)”

  1. Tim says:

    You guys should come and visit and take a ride in the old girl. You can inspect her and you will see she is the real deal. She will tell you herself. Even if she doesn’t talk to you, it is a fun ride.

  2. STONER says:

    Drop us a line with your contact info, Tim! We’ll come down in a jiff and take you up on your offer and report back to the minions. Hell, we’ll even spring for lunch…

  3. tim says:

    sorry i have not been back in awhile. eightthreeonenineonesevensixzerotwofour

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