photo: Williams + Hirakawa

Of all the daughters of John Force – the Elvis Of Drag Racing – who followed in their father’s Funny Car footsteps, we never saw this coming from Courtney: a naked feature in this year’s ESPN magazine’s Body Issue.

Ashley? She’s the first sister to climb into one of those goofy, yet fast-as-hell, Funnies. And much as we loved her the most in the family’s short-lived reality show, “Driving Force,” we figured she wouldn’t have done this shoot: in our experience, it’s the rare husband who’d allow a nude shoot (the fools).

Brittany? Yep, we fully expected her to do it. She definitely seems like the one with her daddy’s crazy gene and who knows – we may still see her show up where we least expect it.

But Courtney? That one caught us asleep at the butterfly wheel. Good for her, though: she looks great and it ain’t the easiest thing in the world to bare it all on the dry lakes for a production crew the likes of an ESPN magazine shoot.

One of our favorite television moments of all time was watching the completely baffled look on John Force’s face as three of his daughters and his wife, Laurie, blow his ass up over something he thought he’d actually done right: total befuddlement. The man is one of the winningest drivers in one of the fastest motorsports to ever dare test the laws of physics and he just can’t figure out his wife or daughters. Just makes us love the man even more. So, we’re fairly certain that same look probably crossed his face when Courtney dropped this bomb on the old man, but he should be proud of her. It’s the new world and it’s beautiful.

Now, Brittany: we’ve got a shoot with a vintage Funny Car and a great idea we wanna talk to you about. Call us, girl…

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