Mazmanian spritzed by Fritz!

Mazmanian by Fritz Schenck 3

Mazmanian by Fritz Schenck 2

The guy partly responsible for the restoration of Ed Roth’s “Druid Princess,” Fritz Schenck, just sent us the news that he’s got one of Big John Mazmanian’s diggers in-house and is working on it as we speak. Big John was always known for his bitchin’ candy-apple red Willys gasser, but this Austin wasn’t one we were hugely familiar with. Check the “Spritz By Fritz” website for more neatness.

From Fritz, himself: “The nose piece fits OK and the passenger door is the best fitting fiberglass panel on the car, the driver’s side door has never fit properly since the day this monster jumped off the starting line for the first time (see original photo). The deck lid has an uneven, ill-fitting gap, but I can live with it and well, that’s just the way race cars are I guess. Guys who want to go FAST don’t pay much attention to silly show car stuff like door gaps, but “I DO” and I am determined to make this car dreamy!”

Good times…

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