Off working on a few projects, so we’ll keep it brief this morning: had a great conversation with Steve Scott the other day that turned to none other than Wolfman Jack. He’s one of those characters we certainly know, but didn’t really know much about. Seen the shot of him and Kim Fowley, loved his role as the mysterious oracle in “American Graffiti,” but never really knew much about his years on Mexican border-blaster radio. Neat stuff. As you’re googling around today, do a search on ol’ Wolfman and dig in a little. Good to reacquaint yourself with the classics every once in a while…

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  1. Irish Rich says:

    Do yourself a favor, and get a hold of a copy of Wolfman Jack’s autobiography “Have Mercy! Confessions Of The Original Rock ‘n’ Roll Animal”. Unfortunately, The Wolfman died in July of ’95, right before the scheduled publishing date. Fantastic, fascinating account of his life, in pretty good detail every step of the way. He didn’t pull too many punches in writing it.

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