photo: Gregory Bojorquez

Hey, while GWCs (guys-with-cameras) are dragging those unfortunate girls out to car shows in the orca-betty retro-hog getups, burning up the free pixels on squinty looks and horrible poses and promising online magazine glory, real car culture is happening.

Keep your eyes open, don’t stop and stare when you stumble over the train wreck “photoshoot” happening in the show parking lot (you’ll know it when you see the dude in lion-tamers and beat-up crosstrainers with a digital camera sweating over a chick in clown makeup and a “vintage” outfit from Hot Topic draped over the radial of a rattle-canned Buick sedan with the rear doorhandles shaved off) and you’ll notice it.

Just like anything else, you gotta work a little harder to get to the good stuff.

5 Responses to “CAR CULTURE NOW”

  1. Yvette says:

    How about if you own the car you can pose it with it. Otherwise…

  2. Yvette says:

    (Nothing against the above picture which is superior to most)

  3. P2P says:

    Lowriders “get it”.

  4. This pic has been on my desktop for a loooong time. You are bull’s eye, on point sir. Here’s the deal though. I get these pictures from you, soooooo…..

  5. BMC says:

    You must of went to Midnight Mass.

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