Burt Munro: The World’s Fastest Indian

Welp, it’s on top of us again: Bonneville Speed Week out at the Salt Flats in Utah. We’ll be the first to admit that, while we’ve been to The Salt, we’ve yet to make the pilgrimage every August. What we love most about Bonneville is that it’s pretty much the only racetrack that anyone – anyone at all – can drive out onto and experience for themselves, on their own terms, in their own vehicle, whenever they want to (y’know, except for during Speed Week and other cool speed shit that may get you killed if you wander out into the middle of). Those ancient dry salt lake beds are a national treasure that we all own a little teeny piece of through our taxes that run the Bureau of Land Management. So, put it on your bucket list and get yourself out to Speed Week to see how your little slice of salty moonscape is being put to great use: it’s your right as a gawd-blessed American and know that plenty of folks from around the world have paved the way for you.

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