Art: Hudson Marquez

If you know anything about Coop, you know that he’s a complete artist. What we mean by that, is that Coop is not only a professional artist – making a very good living for himself with his art – but also a soul working his way through the world with eyes wide open. He knows more about obscure music genres than anyone else we know, is an art historian, a raconteur, has defined an entire generation of car culture with his work and has a far-reaching, eclectic group of friends who’ve changed the world in their own ways, as well. That’s a life well-lived. Living. To be lived. Whatevs.

He recently posted up this fantastic bit of goodness, made by his friend and “Cadillac Ranch” co-conspirator, Hudson Marquez: a sketch inspired by seeing Coop’s old shoebox nearly 20 years ago. Really neat to see what happens when two artists run into each other, hang out for a few minutes, chat and then go their separate ways, only to inspire each other later.

What’s also really cool or kool or kewl (depending on how much you can appreciate this) is how a custom is interpreted by someone not stuck lugging around fifty-plus pounds of old car magazine baggage…

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