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At 8pm last night, the Bay Bridge – the straightest shot between San Francisco and Oakland, CA – shut down and it won’t reopen till next week.

Now, if you don’t live here, you prolly don’t care. But it’s not entirely untrue that the Bay Bridge is one of the most iconic bridges in the world, still a distant second to its neighbor across the bay, the Golden Gate Bridge. But what many people who don’t live here don’t realize is that the bridge suffers from a split personality: there’s a big island – Treasure Island, actually – that sits in the middle of the San Francisco Bay and the western span that connects to San Francisco is the hot sister to the husky chick with a lazy eye that connects to Oaktown.

Nobody really thinks about the Oakland span. Neckbomb tattoos on local roughnecks pay homage to the Sucker Free side, not the East Bay side. Some digital artist lit up the SF side with a laptop-fueled light display that changes every few minutes, while the Oakland side stays dark. But, it’s understandable: the Oakland side is just an ugly, steel girder construction of uninspired, faded glory.

But not for long. We’ve been watching as a brand new design is going up on the eastern span of the Bay Bridge and we’re stoked for it. We couldn’t say for sure, but it looks like someone is a huge Golden State Warriors fan, since this thing looks much like the Warriors ‘bridge’ logo.

Anyhoo, we’ll spend the weekend staying off the highways while the clueless minions grind to a halt in their used Xb crates and Camrys (Camries?) on 101N and we’ll hope to have some shots of the gleaming new bridge soon. Can’t WAIT to leak oil all over that thing…

4 Responses to “THE BAY BRIDGE”

  1. Robert M. says:

    Actually, I kinda like the old cantilever span on the Oakland side. It’s no nonsense design is well suited to the character of Oakland. Likewise the glamorous suspension span to the west between (Yerba Buena) island and S.F. is well suited to the character of “Sucker Free”.

    I hope that I will eventually grow to appreciate our new section, broken bolts, bad welding and all.

  2. Cisco kid says:

    Side show?

  3. Robert M. says:

    Mr. Stoner, bite your tongue.

    Those folks are San Franciscans for sure.


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