Ides of March, right? So, we decided to celebrate the brutal stabbing death of Julius Caesar by doing a giant, smokey burnout with Dave Tanimura’s hellacious ’65 Comet gasser and one of our favorite models, Trish.

Now, a shoot like this poses a few problems: how long can the trans-brake hold that bucking-bronco of a 428c.i.d. before the slicks get so sticky they start hooking? And will the model be able to hold her composure with that kind of energy boiling – literally – right under her? And will the model even show up?

In this case, the original model welched on the entire shoot, oh, about 30 minutes before the call-time. And Trish – who you might remember from our 2013 calendar – has been really busy with her booming makeup artistry, but was willing to carve out some time for this photoshoot and handle the makeup styling duties. So, as Trish was en route to the shoot location, we called her in a panic to tell her to sit tight while we figure out who we could call in a pinch to stand in for the Flakemaster General who just stood us up.

“You want me to do it?,” Trish asked with her usual light laughter and characteristic willingness to do whatever it takes to get a production done (bless her naturally beautiful heart). “YES,” was all we could get out before she could even object.

And lucky for us. It only took Dave’s first burnout for us to realize that we had really dodged a bullet: our original model, had she decided to even show up, would’ve FREAKED and shut down the whole shoot over what Trish took in stride. With a smile on her face. Actually, a giggle. Really, a genuine laughing fit that only a girl who was truly enjoying herself could muster.

What you see in our initial video and the glorious month of March, 2014 is the product of what was originally a disaster that turned into one of the best shoots of the entire project. Damn right.


  1. Trish says:

    What sweet words Team Autocult!
    I was in shock and giddy that I was doing this, thinking I’m probably the only one that will be in this calendar in my thirties and a mom of two! But I went with it… In the name of ART! Hahaa…
    (And well knowing how amazing Dan, Raquel, Bill & Dave were- how could I let them down? )
    Knowing that they would have to probably chuck the whole shoot– I totally had a BLAST doing it. I’m still shocked its printed and I’m actually proud of it! Thanks so much! What fun! Best crew ever!

    Trish w

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