photo: Eric Haines

What do you usually do the day after Thanksgiving? Black Friday nonsense? Dragged to the mall and you find yourself sitting on one of those bench-shaped petri dishes outside of the Abercrombie hell hole double-tapping all your Insta buddies, wishing you were riding choppers into the sunset glory or racing your tin lizzy roadster on the beaches of South Jersey or just about anything other than waiting for your girl to finish up all her shopping while you try to drown yourself in your Orange Julius? Yeah, we get it.

Welp, we’ve got the perfect antidote to all that: the 2014 AUTOCULT calendar release party. Strategically situated not only at the location of our own Miss February ’14 shoot, but also somewhere between all those unholy Bay Area shopping malls, we’re throwing down at the historic Lariat Tavern in Belmont, CA. We’re gettin’ down around 3pm with a shitload of great hot rods, customs, custom vans, street freaks and the rest of the cars and girls from the calendar. As well as all our hot rod buddies and their, uh, hot rods.

So, swig down the rest of that Orange Julius, cram that last Panda Express spring roll down your neck, remember which mall entrance you parked near and git on over to the Lariat on Friday. We’ll have a much-needed drink waiting for you. Get all the deets right here and see you soon!

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