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Look, we’ve got a background in advertising, so it’s hard to watch commercials (we call ‘em “spots”) on TV without imagining what the initial presentation must’ve looked like for the creative team that presented it to the client. So this new minute-long spot (we call ‘em “:60s”) is a real mind-fuck for us.

A :60? That’s twice the commitment for any advertiser. Most of the time, a spot is half that (we call ‘em “:30s”) and then the standard fare is that the advertiser can’t afford running all those :30s, so they have us edit (we call it “cutting”) those :30s down to half that (we call ‘em “:15s”) and that’s why you’ll see really short versions of other normal spots that you’ve seen, like, two weeks ago. But a :60. And not just a :60, but a :60 that looks like a goddam major movie trailer.

And not only a major movie trailer, but a “World’s Fastest Indian” type of movie for gearheads that their girlfriends won’t mind going to see, as well. And all that to simply make an analogy between the idea of ‘commitment’ to a new flavor of Henn-Dog? Hey, Hennessy – just make the movie about Malcolm Campbell and his Blue Bird, already. You’ve gone ahead and started it and we’ll drink your shit all night long with the wanna-be ballers in the Champagne Room at Cheetah 3 next time we’re in Vegas if you just Malcolm-Campbell this thing. Swearzies. See that? It’s already working and we’re using Campbell’s name as a verb. But you gotta make the movie, first…


  1. hank says:

    This is pretty cool. When are you going to put up more stuff? I stop here every day, and it has not changed in a month. What you have is great, just would like more of it.

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