field Notes 3

We dig what Aaron Draplin’s been doing over at his Portland, OR-based DDC. Not only for his strong design work, but for his irreverent and just-about-manic attitude toward putting good design back into the world. Lord knows we need it.

But we digress. We’re here to review his bitchin’ little Field Notes. These have been out for a few years now, but the pocket-sized notebooks are the embodiment of simplicity: 48 blank pages taco-ed between a recycled card stock cover, perfect heavy Futura type abounds and our pack of three came with a ball point matching pen and “lacquer-free renewable Cal-cedar wood casing” pencil. Apparently, a randomly chosen freebie is included with each order of three books, so we’re not sure if it was the rubber band, pen or pencil. The rubber band sure is bitchin.

Get ‘em in graphed, ruled, plain or mixed for your specific application. Get ‘em in “Just Below Zero,” “Mackinaw Autumn” or “Grass Stain Green” color palettes. Get ‘em in a nifty subscription form all year long. Hell, just get ‘em. DDC is there for you, bro and you can look oh-so hip when you whip out your Field Notes from the breast pocket of your Pendleton and jot down the license plate number of that Volvo wagon that just cut you off as you were innocently testing out the new drag bars while lane-splitting at a little more than the posted speed limit. Bitchin AGAIN.


  1. Draplin is a Badass, Jess Gibson needs to finish the fucking movie.

  2. STONER says:

    we KNOW that’s right! That trailer is perfect and we just couldn’t make a better statement about the state of typography and good taste than the DDC…

  3. Nathan Sloan says:

    My names Nathan and I think these notebooks are awesome but I’m late to the party. I want to pick up some of the earlier ones from 2009 and 2010 like the grass stain green, orange, blue, mackinaw autumn, and just below zero. This is a shot in the dark but if you have any of these and would like me to make you an offer on them I’ll be more than happy to do so. If not, and you know someone who might, I’d very much appreciate you mentioning me to them.

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