Lillian LaFrance and her Wall Of Death

Lillian LaFrance

Neat piece on early dare-she-devil Lillian LaFrance over on The Selvedge Yard this morning.

In the early part of the Twentieth Century, these traveling shows crisscrossed America, not only bringing entertainment to a pre-television world, but putting daredevils, tattooists, freaks and artists to work and allowing them to live a life we could only dream of, these days. One of our old friends, Johnny Meah, is one of the last vestiges of the craft of the sideshow and as you lose yourself in Lillian’s world for a few minutes, go check out Johnny’s, too…

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  1. If I’m jealous of anyone it’s Jon Patrick. The Selvage Yard is the worlds greatest style guide. I really don’t know how he does it. So much cool info and photos, and he never stops.

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