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This week’s Friday Music, we’re gonna change it up a little bit: instead of just a song or collection of music, we’re bringing you more of a…soundtrack.

One of our old friends, Buggs Ochoa – a paint guy from East L.A.’s lowrider scene – has been doing the do for more than 40 years now. When we asked him what cars were like in the early Eighties lo-lo scene, we got a package in the mail from Buggs with a bandit copy of “Heartbreaker” and a note that just said, “Watch.”

So we did. Made in ’83, “Heartbreaker” not only features a young Miguel Ferrer and a rare performance by Dawn Dunlap, but Appolonia Kotero makes an appearance and many of Buggs’ paint jobs. Rare movie, but worth making a trip to Echo Park to find a Beta copy of. Let us know – we have a BetaMax here you can play it on. And yeah, the soundtrack is RIGHT ON.

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