El Bigote


Not since the olden days of Sailor Rock (about two years ago), have we seen such a resurgence in the popularity of the moustache. It’s coming back AGAIN? Well, not ones to be left in the dust with a bare upper lip, we thought we’d throw a little gallery your way of the moustachio-ed of car culture. Good company –– see if you can match ‘em up:

Larry Watson: custom paint messiah and cult of personality
Jeff Decker: sculptor and ruler of a small island nation near the equator
Trevelen Rabanal: builder, fabricator and round-houser
Danny Trejo: all-around bad-ass and cool shit blower-upper
Pancho Villa: geopolitical border marauder and Indian thief
Rob Fortier: backstage pass-getter and dyed-in-wool hotrodder
Kirk Taylor: best hair in the business and master builder
Jack Rudy: fineline black-n-grey prognosticator and survivor
Estevan Oriol: all-see-er and style king
Oliver Peck: ink-slinger and beast among men

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