Magic Shoebox

Its no secret that when you have questions in hotrodding, you go to the generation before you for answers. Its part of what makes this a culture rather than a hobby.  People are passing down a spirit and an attitude, not just technical know how.

There is is always a special moment when you are shooting the shit in someone’s garage when they say “I think I have a shoebox full of old photos around here somewhere.”  We get giddy at the sound of those words every time.  The person who owns these treasures remembers amazing details of the cars in the photos and the blurry faces in the background. It always reminds us that the ones who came before were every bit as hardcore and built AAAHHHHMazing machines with infinite style and much less resources than anyone has today. Thank goodness for resources, cuz now you don’t have to embarrass yourself in front of the veterans with how little time you’ve spent grinding your own cams or how few miles you’ve put in hauling your rig from track to track.

So enjoy Mike Manson‘s magic shoebox of photos taken from LaPlace Dragway and check out the beautiful dragsters, racing heavy hitters, and highwater pants with loafers from the Deep South

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  1. Church says:

    AMAZING!!! They were better days for sure. I’m still looking for a flux capacitor to finish off my time machine if anyone’s got one.

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