Product Review Tuesdays: The Sellers Equipped “Y Block” valley pan cover

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The “Y Block” engine was introduced by Ford in 1954 as its first mass-produced overhead-valve deal, replacing the venerable Flathead that had been around since ’32. The distinct shape of the block casting gave it the “Y” moniker and it was a popular engine, ranging in cubic inch sizes from 239 in the first ’54 Fords, all the way up to the bitchin’ 312 that showed up in higher-end cars like the Thunderbird in 1956. These motors were finally phased out by the end of 1962, when they were downgraded by Ford to some sort of “economy” status. Still better than a 170c.i.d. inliner, though…

These days, Y Blocks are fairly collectible and they’re finding their way into hot rods and customs all over the place –– especially if you find a 312 with the kinda rare “M260″ kit: a Mercury dealer-installed hop-up goodie bag that included twin four-barrel carbs, cam and heads that boosted the motor to an advertised 260 horsepower.

We tell you all this because Steve Sellers has just released his Sellers Equipped Y Block valley pan cover and it makes us want a motor to go underneath it. Is that wrong?

With a complete installation kit including washers, grommets and gaskets, you can also get yours with a neat filler neck and the first few have been cast without the “San Jose CA” type (the rest of the run will fly the San Josie flag proudly).

Steve does an amazing job with all his sand-cast aluminum parts and these covers are no different. He doesn’t skimp on quality or fit-n-finish, so order with confidence. We’re gonna go down and pick up one of his early Hemi valley pan covers, so let us know if you want us to grab somethin’ for you, too.

You can reach Steve at Sellers Equipped (here) and (here) for more info on pricing, shipping, cheap beers in San Jose, where the pretty latinas hang out, where to get VeeDub Stingers, a good taco, those little turtle family decals for the back window of your minivan, Tijuana Bibles and knockoff sham-wows…

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6 Responses to “Product Review Tuesdays: The Sellers Equipped “Y Block” valley pan cover”

  1. Dale says:

    shit that is cool! Steve is a bloody clever bugger!

  2. Mark says:

    what is the price of valley pan with fill neck

  3. STONER says:

    Mark – we’re not sure what the exact price is on the cover with the neck, so get in touch with Steve on his FB page:

    Shoot, that’s how ERRbody rocks it these days…

  4. Bill says:

    I tried both places you have listed for Sellers Equipped with no luck. I really would like to buy his Y blck valley cover but how do you get in touch?

  5. Bill says:

    Sellers sold out to a trucking supply company

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