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We basically dig The Gorillaz. Not everything they do, but for a band of cartoon characters with a car, they’re more hip than, say, The Bugaloos. Mostly. Well, OK –– they might not have the genius of Martha Raye and George Barris and Sid and Marty Krofft behind them, but who can top that, anyway?

But with their new video, The Gorillaz have entered the three-dimensional world and we’re suckers for a good car chase that involves Bruce Willis and some hardware. And it’s hard to beat a ’69 Camaro and a ’68 El Camino. Now, EMI has locked up the video so we can’t show you any more than just the trailer, but you can see the whole thing (here). So, let’s break this video down for you, ACF Style…

What’s to say about a ’71 Dodge Coronet?


You can’t beat ‘em for a chase scene golden era (“Rockford Files” thru “Dukes Of Hazzard” years) cop car and we especially dig the late-Sixties Motorola radio unit.


Wish we had one of those, ourselves. Chrysler must’ve spat out a jillion of these 4-door Coronets, Polaras and Plymouth Furys in those years. As many as we have to assume were wadded up through the late Seventies in the name of decent car chase scenes for both big and little screens, more seem to be found, painted black-n-white and hurtled through cheesey billboards in the new millenium.


God bless the Chrysler B Body.

It’s hard to find an original-condition First Generation ’69. And we get it: you’re cartoons, for chrissakes –– who’s gonna sell you a gennie ’69 and take you seriously? So, you end up with some high school kid’s project who got the car taken from him after his dad found another dozen whippets under his bed next to a stiff, crusty sock. This thing is rattle-bomb black and we understand you don’t know anything about cars (a white star on the door, dude? Really?),


but if you yanked the SS badge off the grille in favor of your ‘STYLO’ thingie, we hope you at least had the good sense to chuck it into the glove box for the next owner to find (at the bottom of the ocean, apparently).


Can’t really tell if this was a real SS car, though, since there’s so much stuff to buy to fake a real one. We can live with the white vinyl top, too –– the hard-drivin’ rash and big-gauge firearm spray in the door make up for it. Props for pulling the headrests out of the seatbacks –– first thing we woulda done, too.


But the thing we can’t forgive is the fake butterfly scoop bolted directly to the SS hood. What the fizzuck?


That’s a worse crime than dual pipes on a six-banger. And just about as kiddish. Nobody’s fooled by the butterflies just dangling there, swinging in the breeze with no carb linkage attached to the arm. Jeezus, guys –– just yank that thing off and give it to some greaser-come-lately who wants to get his more-door Nova in the next craptastic issue of “Ol Skool Rodz.” We won’t even get into the implied nitrous setup on this car –– there’s not enough room on this blog for that rant.


By nature, ’68 Chevelles and El Caminos are cool. This one’s got the “Chevy Lean” and every damn thing.


We also dig on the American Racing 200S ‘Daisy’ wheels. We have to applaud the production unit on this video for not running a set of Draglites are some other more obvious wheel that shows up in higher-end productions like this.


And Bruce Willis? Dang. Nobody but Bruno could make a 1980 Honda Civic cool, so we get that. And especially since he gave up the hair war and went all Telly on us years ago. Bad ass.


Also, the fact that this Elco is running a posi unit helps alot –– we don’t see enough of that in film anymore.


But that scoop…guys, guys, guys. There seems to be a thread of hood scoop violations running through this otherwise-decent car chase. What’s with that Harwood-looking unit on the hood? We could almost believe there’s a real 327 under the hood and maybe a tunnel ram or even a blower sitting atop. But all the good those Daisies put into the world was taken right back out again by that fiberglass pro-mod-wanna-be scoop. Keep that shit for the ArmDrop Racing Association, hmmm?


Now, a little continuity issue here, too, boys: the column-shift automatic should be eighty-sixed if you’re gonna run a floor shifter. And at least take the column shifter out of park if you’re gonna keep it. Just sayin.’


Well, now you’ve gotten a glimpse of how we torture ourselves through movies, TV shows and music videos. Don’t laugh –– we do this EVERY time. Drives us a little crazy, but hey, that’s our cross to bear, innit?


  1. elpres says:

    “but if you yanked the SS badge off the grille in favor of your ‘STYLO’ thingie, we hope you at least had the good sense to chuck it into the glove box for the next owner to find”

    they dident!!, and someone stole the fake scoop, so im missing those parts.

    Go to my site to see one of the camaro´s appearing in the gorillaz stylo video. (its the one doing the jump in the end of the video)

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