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Yesterday, we got a call out of the blue from an old Sucker Free City street racer buddy of ours. He built a bitchin’ ’51 Henry J gasser that ran on the streets of San Francisco during the late Sixties and early Seventies before stashing it in storage where it sat for a few decades before being rediscovered.

A few months ago, another friend of ours who has a bad habit for ’55 Chevy gassers found this old Frisco street racer Double-Nickel stashed in a Bayview neighborhood garage. He had known about the car for years, but bided his time till he finally got his hands on it. The “Fifty Dollar Trick” had been in storage for several decades, as well, and when we got to see it in person, we just about fell over:

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But one thing he pointed out to us that we thought was neat: the “Paint by Reed and Knight” deal on the right rear quarter panel:

Fittyfive 1

Turns out, Reed and Knight had painted our old street racer buddy’s Henry J, too – and was the place to go for paint in the trippy days of early Seventies racing in San Francisco. We’ve heard that Reed and/or Knight might still be alive and there may be more survivor cars with their, uh, “heavily influenced” paint jobs.

More to come on this as we dig deeper. We’ve already got some good stories that we need to confirm before we unleash them on the unsuspecting public…

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